Optus Claims To Have The World's Fastest Live Network 2.3 Gigabites A Second

Written by Computer Daily News     03/03/2014 | 07:14 | Category: BROADBAND

Optus claims to have achieved a world record 2.3 Gigabits per second total site throughput on two custom built "Gigasites". The telco claims these are the world's biggest and fastest live network sites, built to test Optus' entire spectrum assets.

Optus Claims To Have The World's Fastest Live Network 2.3 Gigabites A Second

The No. 2 telco is claiming a number of records including the highest total throughput (capacity) achieved on a live network site at a total of 1.65-2.32Gbps.

The two sites were built with Optus's network partners Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Chinese networking juggernaut Huawei. One site has been built at St Mary's in Sydney's western suburbs, and the other at Lambton in Newcastle, about 160km north.

Said Andrew Smith, Optus veep of mobile engineering: "Our Gigasite project is about demonstrating . how Optus will be able to provide our customers with unparalleled capacity to meet their ever-increasing appetite for data, and deliver a faster, more consistent network experience.

"Optus's market-leading metro spectrum assets mean that we have the capacity to provide exceptional customer experience to our mobile data customers, even under extremely heavy network loads.

"The trial was conducted on our live network, not in lab conditions - but with real devices, out in the field," Smith said.

To meet the challenge of trying to generate more than 2Gbps of network traffic in the field, Optus and its vendor partners mobilised a total of 16 test drive vehicles, 21 engineers, 58 devices (smartphones and dongles) and 31 laptops.

The next stage of testing will provide Optus with detailed information on how best to utilise such a vast amount of spectrum.

"Optus, in partnership with our vendors, expects to lead the world in its ability to plan, design, optimise and manage mobile network data traffic across multiple spectrum layers," quoth Smith.

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