We Pick The Best Networking Products Of 2012

Written by The SmartHouse Team     28/11/2011 | 23:29 | Category: NETWORKING

Content has gone wireless in 2011. Tablets and docking stations are letting users take media with them and the new era of storage is freeing this video and music from its confining chains. Routers are becoming more versatile and external hard drives are now about streaming: not just storing.

We Pick The Best Networking Products Of 2012

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Best Storage Drive
Western Digital My Book World Edition II
$279 | www.wdc.com

Doubling as a media server and an intelligent PC back-up, this network-attaching device will stream HD video around a home network while mirroring your computer hard-drive onto multiple disks thrown together in RAID configuration. Whether you're looking for a high-performance scratch-disk for video editing or just a high-capacity drive for streaming all of your movies across your home, this My Book is one of the most versatile storage systems around.

Highly Recommended
SeaGate GoFlex Satellite 500GB
$219 | www.seagate.com/www/en-au/


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Best Wireless Router
Cisco E4200
$269.95 | www.cisco.com

Sitting at the helm of Cisco's home office router list, the E4200 brings in advanced networking and performance to suit tech savvy crowd and greenhorns alike. It's lightning fast over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands alike (without any fiddly antennae), run perfectly in the middle of a network-attached storage system, and is easily customisable over the net or through Cisco Connect. The versatility is there for all home networking applications, with the grunt and functionality for running an efficient home office, and let's not forget the sex-appeal of its new metal and matte design that's more centrepiece than backdrop hardware.

Highly Recommended
Belkin N750
$289 | www.belkin.com/au/

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