Android OS Slows Vs Apple

Written by David Richards     07/05/2013 | 07:54 | Category: INDUSTRY

The Android OS lost market share in the first quarter among smartphone users with Apple growing their slice of the market at a faster rate than Samsung according to a new comScore consumer survey.

Android OS Slows Vs Apple

The big loser is Windows Mobile OS which only managed to grow a mere 0.1 per cent, they now hold 3% of the market. 

Another big loser is Blackberry which, despite launching a new model smartphone, fell 1.2 per cent to 5.2 per cent of the total market. 

The survey that was taken in the US market during the three months ending March compared to the previous three-month period.

For the three-month period ending in March, Android's share of smartphones in use slipped on a sequential basis by 1.4  to 52 per cent while Apple's iOS share gained 2.7 39 per cent.

During the previous three-month period, Android's share rose 0.9 percentage points but at a slower pace than the Apple iOS gain of 2 percentage points.

Google and iOS accounted for a 91 per cent share of smartphones in use, up from 89.7 per cent in the three months ending December.

The gains by Apple and Apple's iOS reflect the launch of the iPhone 5 late last year and don't yet reflect potential gains that Samsung could enjoy as a result of the launch of its Galaxy S4, which didn't hit the market until after the survey period.

For the three-month period ending March, Apple increased its share of smartphones used by consumers by 2.7 percentage points on a sequential basis to 36.3 per cent (see table), enabling Apple to maintain its leading smartphone share. Samsung' raised its share by only 0.7 percentage points to 21.7 per cent, keeping it in the number two spot.

In the previous three-month period ending December, Samsung's share rose 2.3 percentage points on a sequential basis to 21 per cent while Apple's share grew 2 percentage points to 36.3 per cent.

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