Home Phones Replaced By Mobile & VOIP

Written by Computer Daily News     05/07/2013 | 09:08 | Category: HOME

Fixed line home phones may be facing the beginning of the end Down Under, with 30 percent of Australians now making calls over the Internet and one in seven without a home phone.

Home Phones Replaced By Mobile & VOIP

Figures from CoreData Telco Research show that while 86 percent of respondents reported still having a landline at home - more than half only use it sometimes, preferring their mobile phone or other ways to communicate.

The research shows landlines have lost their appeal for younger consumers, with three in 10 Australians below 39 years of age not having one. They rely more on their mobiles and online services to connect.

The survey found that nearly a quarter of respondents (23.6 percent) reported using various online services such as Skype, VoIP and instant messaging to communicate, rather than making telephone calls.

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