Palm Sized Portable TV To Go

Written by Mendelson Tiu     10/03/2009 | 04:23 | Category: MP4 PLAYERS

NetOpt has launched a portable media player that comes with a built-in digital TV receiver, allowing users to watch their favourite show anywhere.

Palm Sized Portable TV To Go

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The P380 has a 3.6-inch LTPS TFT-LCD display with built-in whip antennae and an external aerial to receive DVB-T digital TV and DVB-T radio. It also comes with a TV out which can be used as SD set-top box on a TV set. An SD/SDHC/MMC memory slot is also included, with the unit being able to play music, videos, as well as photos. The P380 comes with a mini USB port and acts as a host so you can access content from any self-powered USB storage devices.

The main controls on the front let you change channel, alter the volume, open a context-sensitive menu or return to the main menu. On top of the player are fast forward, rewind and play/pause keys for recorded media, along with a lock slider and the on/off key.

A basic programme guide can be called up using the TV menu. The on-screen menu lists media types - TV, radio, movies, music, pictures, games - and settings. Just scroll up and down and select. Two games are included as standard. Video and slide-show playback is 4 hours with 6 hours for MP3 playback. The P380 comes standard with non-removable rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

The P380 will retail for $395, with an entry-level model (P30) also being available for $295.


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