LG To Take On Samsung in OZ PC Market

Written by David Richards     11/04/2013 | 10:27 | Category: DESKTOP PCS

LG Australia is set to enter the PC business with a line-up of notebooks wafer thin Ultrabooks and a new range of tablets, the Korean Company currently sells a range of monitors.

LG To Take On Samsung in OZ PC Market

Their move back into the PC business  comes as arch rival Samsung continues to grab PC market share away from traditional PC market players, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer.

According to GFK data Samsung has achieved over 25% growth in the PC during the past 12 months .

LG Marketing General Manager Lambro Skropidis told ChannelNews that the Company will shortly announce several new PC products that will complement the Companies range of smartphones.

ChannelNews understands that the range will include a smart new all in one PC, a "two wafer thin tablets" and the Super Ultrabooks Z330.

"We are entering the PC market as this allows us to expand our LG product range in Australia" said Skropidis.

According to Michael Doyle the General Manager of Sales at LG Australia the Company now has the best line up of products "for many years".

"Our product range is looking really strong from appliances and smartphones to TV and shortly PC's" said Doyle.

The first hint that LG was set to renter the PC market in Australia came at CES when LG showed a new range of  PC's at CES 2013. Revealed was a wafer thin white all-in-one PC, an Ultrabooks and a sliding laptop which can become a Windows 8 tablet.

The all in one PC has  room for an optical drive with the device designed in a way that the USB ports, including an optical drive are built into the base of the screen for easy access.

The new Z360 Ultrabooks has a Full HD - 1080p - IPS screen which is the same technology that is built into LG's award winning 27" monitor.

There will be a selection of processor options available too, from i3 up to i5 and i7. Also included are dual microSD slots.

The new LG Tab-book looks similar to an Ultrabooks/tablet. It will be available with a Core i5 processor and an 11.6-inch IPS display, and a keyboard that can slide behind the screen to give you a tablet PC.


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