Telstra: We're 4G King - 2.1M Users

Written by Oonagh Reidy     01/05/2013 | 16:11 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Telco has 2.1 million users on its high speed network.

Telstra: We're 4G King - 2.1M Users

Telstra is claiming to be 4G King Supreme as it adds 600,000 new users to its network

The new figures were revealed by Telstra CFO Mark Hall at Macquarie's Australia Equities Conference who declared the telco's "supremacy" in the 4G mobile race, reports SMH

It now has 2.1 million users on its faster 4G LTE network, meaning it has added 600K in just three months, since it last gave official figures of 1.5m earlier this year. 

"Our 4G network supremacy is delivering mobile market share to Telstra," said Mark Hall, Telstra's numbers guy. 

"Since launch in September 2011, we have grown our 4G customer base to 2.1 million customers, and this includes 1.4 million handsets, 150,000 tablets, 370,000 dongles and 225,000 WiFi hotspots."

Telstra were the first telco to bring in the suped-up 4G mobile network in Australia with typical 4G download speeds of 2Mbps - 40Mbps. 

And the arrival of some new smarthphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and iPhone 5 on 4G, bring a fresh surge of 4G LTE demand this year.

Telstra has invested heavily in its faster network, which is the biggest in Australia and plans to extend coverage to 66% of the population by the end of this year.  

Optus joined the race late last year but coverage is confined to the main cities and the Gold Coast. Vodafone 4G service is to go live by June. 

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