Razer's Latest: Gaming-God Or Gimmick?

Written by Matthew Lentini     15/06/2011 | 23:24 | Category: PC

Razer is re-releasing its high-precision gaming mice, doubling up on an optical and laser sensor in the one mouse to fulfil that 'high-precision' promise.

Razer's Latest: Gaming-God Or Gimmick?

Optical mice were, for the most part, drowned out by laser mice years ago on the back of their higher sensitivity and ability to track along more surfaces than earlier mice. With a higher dpi (or dots per square inch) sensor, laser mice proved more accurate and sensitive than optical mice.

Razer, who once pioneered the move into high-dpi mice, has taken the seemingly odd step of doubling up on an optical sensor and laser sensor in the one mouse with the new 4G Dual Sensor System.
Razer Mamba

We caught up with some of the people at Razer to find out what exactly made this mouse better, if not just a redundant piece of technology.

"Just to clarify, the laser doesn't negate the effects of the optical sensor as the two sensors serve two separate functions," said Raymond Tjandra, Product Marketing Specialist from Razer.

"The 4G Dual Sensor System actually calibrates to the specific surface using the optical sensor while the laser provides the extra precision," explains Tjandra.

There's also an emphasis on a new mouse feature - a particularly handy one for FPS gamers. If you're not using the higher sensitivity settings on these 6400dpi mice (very, very sensitive), you have to lift the mouse off the mousepad every now and then to get your pointer back on track.

Razer have added a customisable 'lift-off' distance on the z-axis with this dual sensor system so that users can customise how high they have to lift the mouse to avoid "erratic movement caused by lifting up and placing down the mouse on the surface."
Razer Imperator

"Simply, the tracking is cut off whenever the mouse leaves its surface.  And this distance from the surface that the mouse cuts off is customizable so you can choose a distance that you feel most comfortable using," added Tjandra.

The Razer Mamba will surface this July for $179.95, while the Imperator will come out at $109.95. Those who pick up the Mamba get up to 16 hours of continuous gaming battery life on their wireless mouse.

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