Microsoft's IllumiRoom Is An AMAZING Gaming Breakthrough

Written by Tony Ibrahim     15/01/2013 | 02:12 | Category: CONSOLE

What you're about to see is the biggest development in gaming since the internet came to the console.

Microsoft's IllumiRoom Is An AMAZING Gaming Breakthrough

Microsoft may not have had a stand at this year's CES show, but that didn't stop the company from presenting one of the most original concepts we've seen in the gaming arena in a long, long, long time.

(Yes, three longs were necessary.)

Microsoft's Chief Technology Strategy Officer, Eric Rudder, joined Samsung's keynote speaker to showcase the company's IllumiRoom technology: technology which projects the game world around and all over your living room.

How it works

Firstly Microsoft's Kinect for Windows camera scans your room. A projector then pulls you into the game's world by projecting the action beyond your television's frame. In the comfort of your living room, the game's buildings surround you, oncoming bullets whiz past you, fire lingers alongside and snow—dazzling snow—slowly wafts until it rests on the powder-stained floor.

Currently Microsoft describes IllumiRoom as a "proof of concept system." The only downside we can see to the tech is having to buy a projector, but if Microsoft develops their own offering, we imagine it'd garner a pretty quick audience.

Source: Microsoft | Via: The Verge

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