Nikon Reveals Speedlight Flash Successor Coming December

Written by Matthew Lentini     30/11/2011 | 05:28 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Nikon has just revealed the successor to its Speedlight SB-900 flash, the high-end SB-910 for the advanced amateur and pro photographer, with advanced tune-ups to keep the flashes firing for longer.

Nikon Reveals Speedlight Flash Successor Coming December

The internals have been upgraded with an improved operating system and user interface on the also-improved LCD screen. This means users can now access custom settings quicker through new physical additives like the dedicated 'menu' button.

For the simpler shooters looking to throw the flash onto the hot-shoe of cams without in-built flashes (like Nikon's own Nikon 1, for instance), the flash can also act as a standard on-camera flash.

Part of the Speedlight's heightened precision comes from its integration with FX and DX format cams, automatically adjusting the zoom head position to match the lens' focal length.

The more creative shooters now have hard colour filters to work with, with Nikon trading out gel filters to deal with heat generated by the flash better. The flash comes with an incandescent and fluorescent filter by default.

An in-built thermal sensor in the flash head also works to prevent overheating, fending off thermal cut-out for longer continuous flash firing.

The SB-910 hits stores on December 15, just in time for Christmas for the keen photographers. Though at $799, it'll be a heavy buy for some snappers.

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