Stop, Google Play? iTunes To Hit Android OS

Written by Oonagh Reidy     24/03/2014 | 09:42 | Category: MUSIC & VIDEO

Stop Google Play, iTunes may be on its way to Android platform

Stop, Google Play? iTunes To Hit Android OS

Apple is believed to be mulling over developing an iTunes app for Google Android OS, Billboard reports. 

But that not all Apple is planning to do to stem the tide of the recent double digit drop in iTunes sales, in the US.

It is also said to be in "talks with senior label executives about the possibility of launching an on-demand streaming service that would rival Spotify and Beats Music," according to the music site. 

It is not clear how much of a threat iTunes on-demand service would be to Android's own music streaming service, Google Music Play, which costs $11.99 a month and comes preloaded on all Droid devices.

In February, Apple launched iTunes Radio, a free Internet radio streaming service in the US and Australia in a bid to match hugely popular web services like Spotify, Pandora.

However, it had limited impact on rival Pandora, who reported a slight drop after iTunes Radio was launched in the US but users rebounded in "record" numbers, in the months following. It now appears music users are shunning downloads for streaming tunes via the web. 

In Australia and New Zealand, the hugely popular streaming service now has 1.5 million subscribers,  adding half a million new users in the last three months, with "extraordinary uptake" from Android mobile devices, in particular, Pandora ANZ MD Jane Huxley, told SmartHouse.

Pandora was launched here in December 2012.

Samsung, the worlds biggest phone maker, recently relaunched its internet radio service, Milk, accessible to all of its Android and Windows users, meaning the music streaming battle is most definitely in play.

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