Dotcom's Mega Swamped With Hundreds of Copyright Notices

Written by Tony Ibrahim     31/01/2013 | 00:54 | Category: MUSIC & VIDEO

Kim Dotcom's 10 day old file sharing site Mega is already facing 150 copyright warnings.

Dotcom's Mega Swamped With Hundreds of Copyright Notices

The notices were filed from all over the world, including the US, and concern 250 files.
One of Mega's (and Megauploads) many attorneys, Ira P Rothken, said Mega is quickly responding to the notices. He also discounted the treat by adding Mega's legal team have assisted "in fixing incomplete or defective notices."

Speaking to ComputerWorld via email, Rothken asserted "Mega doesn't want folks to use its cloud storage services for infringing purposes."

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Contrary to their claims, Mega has been designed to host pirated content without taking on liability. To circumvent sensitive US legislation, Mega administrators aren't aware of what files are being uploaded. Sharing files requires users to share the corresponding encryption key.

"Mega has been scrutinised by lawyers like no other internet start-up in history," Dotcom said in an Interview with Stuff.

Mega offers its users 50GB worth of encrypted storage at no cost. Within 24 hours of launching, the site attracted 1 million users, its servers straining by the swelling demand.

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