Google Launch Superior Voice Engine To Apple's Siri

Written by David Richards     07/11/2013 | 07:52 | Category: INDUSTRY

Google has launched a brand new voice engine that has been described by Apple founder Steve Wozniak as superior to Apple's Siri.

Google Launch Superior Voice Engine To Apple's Siri

The engine is so advanced that it will you the difference between oil and butter in seconds. 

The new features are available on Android devices and Apple iOS as  from today.

Google who has a superior voice engine to the Apple Siri  understand the context of requests, allowing follow-up questions to be asked on the same topic. 

This means someone asking about the current weather in Sydney for example, could then ask: 'How do I get there?' - without reminding the device which city they are referring to.

Google technology expert Michael Valvo said: 'Whether you're plotting the easiest public transport route across Sydney, or trying to order a drink in Melbourne, or cheating at a pub quiz, Google is there to help you get the information you need, fast.'

Its other features include giving directions based on information from live traffic updates, and setting reminders based on a location. 

This could allow the user to be alerted to take the bins out when they get home, or to pick up a certain item when they get to their local supermarket, for example.

It will also allow smartphone users to ask Google to identify a song that is being played, similar to how Shazam works - and will then give the user the option of buying that song in the Google Play store.

Google claims the new voice search is faster than its nearest rival, Apple's Siri, and also provides users with more detailed answers. 

Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak admitted earlier this week, during an interview with the BBC, he thought the Android search was superior to Siri's.

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