Forget TV: AFL Coming To Smart Watches

Written by Oonagh Reidy     07/05/2014 | 16:29 | Category: INDUSTRY

Forget TV, AFL is now on the small screen

Forget TV: AFL Coming To Smart Watches

Telstra's AFL Live App is heading to a small screen near you - Pebble smart watch - where you can watch live game updates and scores, so you don't even have to check your smartphone. 

However, you cant actually watch the game but the app is handy if you're not near a TV screen. 

Its the world's first live sports app for Pebble, says Outware Mobile CEO Danny Gorog. Pebble even vibrates as goals are scored. 

AFL Live app will be available on the Pebble smartwatch next week, for free, downloadable from the Pebble App Store and works with iOS and Android phones.

"We've developed an app that fans will love; from the simple screen layout to the the 'vibrate on goal' feature, this is a must have app for Pebble users," says Gorog. 

But its not just Pebble that is getting friendly with Telstra's sports app. Last year AFL Live app for Google Glass was announced, another wearable device which should be available here this year.

No word if the app will be available on other smart watch platforms - like Samsung. 

A Telstra spokesperson told CN: "at this stage, Pebble is the only smartwatch platform we've developed for, but as we demonstrated with AFL Glass we are always looking at new and innovative ways to bring the fans closer to the game."

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