Don't Get Bitten By Valentines Bug

Written by Computer Daily News     13/02/2013 | 22:12 | Category: DOWNLOADS

SYDNEY - Scammers have taken a shotgun approach to lovers on Valentine's Day - Thursday - with dating spam counting for almost 7 percent of all spam this week being sent around the globe according to security software vendor Bitdefender.

Don't Get Bitten By Valentines Bug

Bitdefender advises users to stay away from fake limo offers and online 'heart experts' who claim to heal troubled relationships.

This type of scam redirects users to phishing fraud and malware-infected Web sites.

People should also watch out for fake dating Web sites love giveaways and phony social media profiles.

These all collect their personal details for impersonation extortion and money muling says Bitdefender chief security strategist Catalin Cosoi.Security software market leader Symantec has also warned about a looming flood of Valentine's Day scams.

This year's Valentine's Day scams to beware lude unbelievable discounts on jewellery dining opportunities and expensive gifts to shoppers it says.

The top word combinations used in spam messages lude "Find-Your-Valentine"; "e-cards-for-Valentine"; and "Valentine's-Day-Flowers" Symantec says.

The e-card spam message arrives with a malicious attachment called ValentineCard4you.

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