Uniden Watches The Baby...& Guards Your House

Written by Oonagh Reidy     06/05/2013 | 15:01 | Category: INDUSTRY

Uniden grow its family of baby monitors, watches and Guardian surveillance.

Uniden Watches The Baby...& Guards Your House

Uniden is in major baby watch mode as it releases new Baby Watch monitor and wireless home surveillance systems called 'The Guardian', from July. 

The Baby Watch BW30xx and BW31xx have 2.5" and 4.3" screens, respectively, to let you monitor the child (from anywhere in the world) via Skype, and have temperature display, night light and feed time alert. They even have lullabies that parents can play remotely. 

Both models are available in dual camera and single camera packs. 

Key features include: 

. Temperature display 

. Feed time alert 

. Skype app which enables users to view their baby from anywhere in the world (iPhone, Android, Windows compatible

. Night light 

. Audio and video display 

. Built-in microphone so parents can hear when their child may need attention 

. Walkie talkie function which enables parents to communicate with people in other areas of the home while tending to their child 

. Night vision for round-the-clock monitoring 

Wireless surveillance is a growing market and a key focus for the company in 2013, says Brad Hales, Senior National Marketing Executive, Uniden. 

"In the last few years there has been a phenomenal growth in demand for wireless home surveillance products among Australian consumers," and presents great sales opportunities for retailers in this category."


Uniden's Guardian, slated as the ultimate all-in-one home security system, allows users to check on their property remotely via smartphone, tablet or PC via Uniden Guardian app.   

It provides interference-free transmission of video and audio signals to a range of up to 150 metres between camera and monitor.

The Guardian surveillance now has an entry-level G1420 and G17xx system with a 7" screen with record capability.  

When viewing footage using a mobile device, users can take snapshots of what they see.

"Homeowners are becoming more vigilant about security. Increasingly they are looking to DIY solutions which are simple to install and affordable to buy rather than outlaying significant expenses with a 24 hour monitoring company."  

Guardian utilises the latest digitally encrypted FHSS technology to protect users against eavesdropping and hacking. 

Available in two, three and four camera packs . Product options include: 

. G1420 - 4.3" colour screen monitor, two camera, walkie talkie function 

. G1740 - 7" colour screen monitor, four cameras, record capability 

. G1720 - 7" colour screen monitor, two cameras, record capability 

. G27xx - all-in-one solution with a 7" touch screen tablet. 

To help retailers drive sales, Uniden will have product stands available for the launch. 

Uniden's Baby Watch and Guardian series will be available nationally from leading electronics retailers from July. 

Pricing is yet to be confirmed. 

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