Stick 'Em Up, DJ: Sol Republic x Decks

Written by Oonagh Reidy     01/10/2013 | 00:00 | Category: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

Stick 'em up, DJ: Wireless speaker promises a 360 music heist

Stick 'Em Up, DJ: Sol Republic x Decks

SOL REPUBLIC has teamed up with Google-owned Motorola to create a funky DECK portable wireless speaker, which goes on sale in OZ later this month.  

Powered by R2 Sound Engines, DECK is the first wireless speaker to feature 360 degrees of sound, 300-ft wireless range and "Heist Mode", where everyone can be the DJ.

Up to five people can simultaneously 'heist' the machine and take turns controlling the music - which is cool for parties.

SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK speakers works via Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) to pair devices and stream music.

You can daisy-chain multiple DECK's together to create a wall of sound.


Tunes can be controlled directly via the wireless speaker or else from your smartphone, and works on all mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

At $299.00 its not a bad price, either.

Deck can also be used in the great outdoors - so good for the Aussie weather. Its Outdoor Mode gives an extra sound boost and minimizes surrounding noise -  music will travel up to 300 feet in wireless range.

DECK comes in funky finishes including Gunmetal or Lemon Lime.

The XL R2 Sound Engines have a bass port, high-watt amplifier, and a huge lithium-ion battery offering bigger sound than expected from a pocket-sized speaker, say its makers, best known for its headphones.

Seth Combs, co-founder of SOL REPUBLIC said "we wanted to create a mobile speaker that not only had phenomenal sound, but also completely revolutionised how people listen to and experience music.

"Music is meant to be shared, and DECK's unique design, 360-degree powerful sound and Heist Mode takes listeners back to what music is all about."

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"Headphones were only the beginning for us as a brand; we always planned to expand on our range and dream even bigger,"

The SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK speaker is on sale late this month (precise date TBA), at Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Myer and JB HiFi for a $299 pricetag.

For more information on SOL REPUBLIC products, including where to buy, visit

Alternatively visit or call Convoy on +61 2 9700 0111.

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